Royal Kombucha


Strawberry Lemon 330ml

Sunkissed strawberries, delicate organic rose petals & refreshing lemon to create a deliciously sweet & sour royal Tasmanian kombucha

Spiced Apple 330ml

Crisp Tasmanian apple, native pepperberry & aromatic cloves for a zesty effervescent Tasmanian kombucha


Green Tea Detox 330ml

Royal Kombucha blend No.2 infused with lemon & limes to which we add fresh ginger for an invigorating and refreshing citrus kick.

Green Tea Detox 1L

Our renowned ‘Green Tea Detox’ Kombucha is made using our own custom tea blend. Our blend creates a light naturally sweet & dry delicate brew. Organic Sencha Green Tea is the headline in this blend and the result is a more complex yet delicate flavour that creates a kombucha that is deliciously crisp and refreshing.  Our fermented brew is then 2nd fermented with lemon and lime & freshly crushed ginger, giving a kick to create our invigorating signature BOOCH.  We think of it as the champagne of Kombucha.



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