We (Leanne & Sonya) are third generation best friends (our mothers & grandmothers were best friends).   Leanne's daughter Faith (Sonya thinks of herself as Faith's second mum) is the third queen and we all share a passion for fermented foods and a healthy lifestyle.

The Queens

We grew up in Northern NSW during the hippy 70's era where our mums would grow their own alfalfa sprouts and mushrooms, and feed us home made fermented goodness like yogurt, cheese, sauerkrauts, and kombucha.  We have always consumed and loved the taste of fermented foods but it was not until much later in life that we discovered their health benefits.

Sonya's son was born 13 weeks premature, and one of the complications was digestive issues.  Faith also had some digestive health problems when she was young, so it was while searching for ways to help our children that we learnt how beneficial fermented foods were….not only for the digestive system but for optimal overall health.

​With no Tasmanian company producing our favourite fermented foods at the time, we decided to hit the kitchen and make them for ourselves. Using only the highest quality local produce we could ensure our fermented food was nutrient dense, enzyme rich and would nourish our children's bodies.   Like all mums, we wanted to ensure our children received the best.  We have seen first hand how these foods have made a positive difference to our children's health.

After spending countless 'fermenting days' in our each of our Tamar Valley home kitchens (preparing mountain loads of krauts, kimchi & kombucha for family and friends) we decided it was time to introduce our fellow Tasmanians to the Three Fermented Queens.

We have been overwhelmed and humbled by the way in which our local community at Launceston's Harvest Market (where we set up our first stall on an early spring morning in 2015) and also the larger Tasmanian community, have embraced and supported our locally handcrafted fermented goodness. Demand took us by surprise and soon we had left our home kitchens and moved into our own commercial kitchen which we fondly call “The Palace” (and yes, we have been known to wear pink hairnets with tiaras on top while we chop, mix, brew and bottle).

We are not scientists, nutritionists, chefs or microbiologists…we are fermented food artisans wanting to produce the healthiest, tastiest fermented goodness for our family & yours.   And we also want to encourage others to join the ‘lovers of fermented food’ community by brewing your own kombucha at home.  Check out our ‘kombucha brewing kits’!

We hope you enjoy our royally fermented products and also enjoy making your own kombucha as much as we do.

​Leanne, Sonya, & Faith

Three Fermented Queens


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